Capture the police misconduct

Use Fi-Vo Film to instantly and securely record police misconduct any time you witness it. As you record, your video instantly saves to your phone and uploads to your free Dropbox account.



If your phone is destroyed, your Fi-Vo Film video survives

If police see you filming their misconduct, they may attempt to confiscate your phone to erase the video. Some officers may even destroy your phone. Instead of fighting back and being arrested for simply trying to protect your video, you can sit back and rest easy, knowing that a copy of your video was already instantly uploaded to your free Dropbox account as you recorded it. That’s the magic of Fi-Vo Film.


Easily retrieve your video

To retrieve your Fi-Vo Film video, simply log into your free Dropbox account. Use Dropbox’s “share” feature to email this video to your lawyer or other interested parties.


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